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Business System Review

Implementing new business systems takes time and energy. However, once implemented, very few organisations continue to improve the use of the system in line with the corporate vision.
A business should always have a roadmap that ensures you continually make the best of your system by upgrading regularly and exploiting new features in the system.

Williams Woodward can review the current status of your system with the key users to identify the business benefits that can be gained, and work with you to maximise the use of your system.
Where a project has started and challenges are being faced by the in-house team, we can undertake a project review that will help you identify these areas and provide advice and guidance on ensuring that your project gets back on track.

A typical project review would take a couple of days and meet the following objectives:

Example of Agenda for Day 1

Meet with key contact

Meet with Project Sponsor and/or Project Manager

Meet with Core Team members

These meetings will provide an overview of the team structure: relationships: activities and effectiveness of the team