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Agresso Services

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Project Preparation
Before starting any IT project it is important to ensure that the proposed project team is prepared for the task ahead and is ready to implement the new system with confidence. The time invested in understanding what this means is invaluable as the project progresses.

Understanding Scope and Business Benefits Required
Key to managing a successful upgrade is to ensure we and your team fully understand the reasons for the upgrade and the business benefits sought from the process. We will work with your sponsor and senior team members to ensure this is documented and followed.

Project Management Services
Our project management services will provide the expertise that will help your project team cope with the demands of upgrading an Agresso system. We believe it is a more cost effective route to engage interim project management services offering extensive experience of implementing Agresso systems, upgrades and new functionality, rather than rely on in-house resource that often lack the experience and knowledge to manage this process effectively and in a timely manner.

Implementation Services
Our implementation services will provide the expertise that will help your project team cope with the demands of upgrading an Agresso system. Our team of consultants have extensive experience of both new implementations of Agresso Business World and upgrading Agresso systems including 5.3 / 5.4 - 5.5 and 5.6. We would always work closely with UNIT4 consultants for specialised consultancy support and especially where there are customised elements involved in an upgrade to prevent any future support issues.

Post Implementation Support
Our post implementation support service provides advice and guidance on how best to support your Agresso system and how to work with the Agresso customer support team in an effective way. We believe the correct approach, coupled with appropriately skilled staff are major factors in ensuring a successful and effective Agresso system is maintained. It is very easy for systems to remain static and out of touch with the needs of a changing organisation.

End User Training
As part of the upgrade, consideration will need to be given to training end users on the new system taking account of the new functions and all changes in business processes. Quite often this is an area that is missed out to save money, but it is an integral part of a successful upgrade project. Training can be written and delivered by the in-house project team or we can scope this as part of the upgrade project.