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Improving the U4BW User Experience

Continuous learning around ERP solutions such as Unit4 Business World (U4BW) is an important factor for users and organisations in order to maintain knowledge and control of their systems.
Having confident users of any system ensures quality data entry and improved management information. Staff turnover quite often causes quality issues for an organisation and its management.

Basic training is the first step in understanding your system; in order to get maximum business benefit you need real training insight.

We now offer a comprehensive selection of training courses for the U4BW product. Additional courses are being developed and added on a regular basis.  

Our training course material has been developed utilising our many years of experience of developing and delivering customised training for our customers, which gives us an in depth understanding of what delegates need to know and the most straightforward and effective knowledge transfer techniques.

A professional structured approach that delivers a high quality consistent training experience. Our documentation sets include: agenda, set-up guide, user guide and exercise workbook (as appropriate); all courses are delivered using our pre-populated databases and can be delivered on site over using our cloud hosted servers.

We have considered the most effective way to deliver each subject matter and tailored the training method accordingly. The courses are designed to enhance learning and provide reference points for users through tutor led formal training, consultative training or workshop sessions.

Are your users getting the best out of U4BW?
To maximise the return of investment in your U4BW system, you need to ensure that it is continuously developed to meet new demands of the business and stakeholders as well as achieving on-going business process improvements. One of the biggest benefits of U4BW is its inherent flexibility which means that it can be enhanced without bespoke development. However you need the knowledge of how to achieve this.

Our customers have regularly been requesting assistance from us to develop and enhance their U4BW systems and improve the user experience. Based on this feedback we have now developed training courses that will provide you with knowledge of the tools that are at your disposal in U4BW.

U4BW training catalogue    The courses available can be found
   in our course catalogue


Customer end user training
As part of the system development, consideration will need to be given to training end users; taking account of the new functions and any changes in business processes.

Quite often this is an area that is missed out to save money, but it remains an integral part of a successful project.

Training can be written and delivered by the in house systems team and we can scope and manage this as part of the project.

Specialised or customised training can be delivered on site or at our Maidenhead offices.