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All of our upgrades will be delivered using our
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The process starts with a visit to ascertain the scope of the project, understand any constraints that you may have on resources, budget or other business critical projects. We will build a picture of what your current system strengths and weaknesses are so that we can, with your agreement, maximise the benefits of the upgrade process. We will discuss what the project means to you, explain the project methodology and how it will affect your team, avoiding the usual pitfalls of a project.

Our Experience

Maximising Business Benefits

Whether in the private or public sector it is essential to gain maximum advantage from your business system. The upgrading of software to the latest version is an ideal time to consider what additional business requirements and business benefits you could achieve. williamswoodward will work with you during and after the upgrade process to assist in gaining maximum advantage from your Agresso system.

The most successful Agresso customers have a continual business system improvement programme that is cost effective and meets the on-going business needs. Contact us, we will be pleased to work with you to ensure your upgrade provides these long term benefits.

Upgrading Agresso – Making the right choice

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Over the years we have helped many clients to identify and deliver significant savings and productivity gains through their use of Agresso. We offer unrivalled knowledge and expertise in helping clients to upgrade or re-implement Agresso Business World. Following our own proven methodology (DPM), we simplify the process whilst ensuring that you clearly understand what is required; when, from whom and at what cost.

Upgrading can be a simple process or it can lead to a large change project producing many benefits; the route taken depends on your organisation goals. williamswoodward have worked with many clients with tight budgets, preparing, planning and guiding them through the upgrade process, ensuring good knowledge transfer and keeping external costs to a minimum.

Our experiences are based on in-depth knowledge and lessons learned from many years of working with the Agresso software and managing change across organisations of all sizes. Above all, our approach is based on a thorough understanding of the people and organisational dynamics involved in project and systems change management.