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All you need is a web browser and internet access,
and you're ready to go

Whereas traditional on-premise solutions can take weeks or even months to deploy, Xledger doesn't require any software to be installed and so you are able to access your new software immediately. As your business grows or diversifies you can take advantage of additional Xledger functionality quickly without another lengthy project to configure and deploy additional modules or products as you would with a traditional on-premise solution.

Xledger solutions can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Providing there is an internet connection, you are able to access your data and work more efficiently from anywhere, making life easier for home-workers, for those people that work across multiple sites and for ‘field-based’ staff. As your workforce grows you can easily and cost effectively give new staff access to Xledger with the same devices they use to connect to the internet to perform their other duties, without complex connectivity issues to resolve.

You only pay for what you use

Growing businesses need to be able to invest as much as possible in selling and delivering their goods and services and bringing new innovations to market; traditional on-premise solutions require significant capital cost up front, diverting much needed investment away from the core operations of your business; with Xledger you only pay for what you need as you need it.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Best practices are built directly into the SaaS delivery and maintenance model, SMEs can begin to adopt these practices quicker than with a traditional on premise solution. Reduced spending on overheads initially means you will create value from Xledger earlier. This efficiency earlier in the evolution of your company will ultimately allow your business to grow rapidly.

SaaS enables SMEs to compete effectively with larger organisations without having to match the traditional investment made by these larger organisations in on-premise infrastructure and software, driving competitive advantage.

grow illustrationDeployment of a SaaS solution supports and stimulates innovation and growth, allowing your organisation to quickly scale up and deliver flexibility to accommodate new customers, new products and services, promotions of your products and services; likewise you can scale back if demand is not as forecast or the business needs to restructure, driving cost savings which will quickly appear on the bottom line.

SaaS enables you to focus on the core strategic competencies required by your business rather than diverting potential profit to finance an in-house IT team.

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