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We will work closely with you to:

If issues do arise once you have gone live, you can be assured we will be here to help and support you


Programme Management
If you wish to implement Xledger as part of a wider business improvement programme, we offer a programme management service to ensure that all aspects of your programme are delivered on time, and within budget.

Change Management
To maximise the benefit and value derived from Xledger, we can assist you in managing the cultural change the new system brings to your organisation and ensure a positive experience for all your staff.

Project Management
Following our Doable Project Management methodology, our Project Manager manages your project in a practical, proactive, hands-on way which delivers the desired results with minimum disruption.

Business Analysis and Consultancy
If you want to take advantage of unfamiliar functionality within Xledger, the consultancy team will analyse your business objectives and requirements to ensure that the implementation of Xledger and your organisation are in harmony to achieve these goals and deliver tangible benefits.

We will take you through the specific Xledger Implementation Methodology (XIM) steps for implementing Xledger the product. This methodology is based on best practice and will secure an effective and maintainable implementation of Xledger for your business.

We offer training to both customer project teams and end users. We ensure your staff can make informed decisions about the set-up of Xledger and then, whether regular or occasional users, understand how Xledger complements & supports their role in your organisation.

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Post Implementation Support
Our post implementation support service provides advice and guidance on how to support your Xledger system and work with our customer support team to best effect. We believe the correct approach, coupled with appropriately skilled staff are prominent factors in ensuring a successful and rewarding Xledger system.

Benefits Realisation
Our goal is to be a long term business partner to our customers, ensuring that short, medium and longer term benefits are derived from each implementation of Xledger that we undertake. At project inception, we will agree the benefits to be realised from your project, and how success will be measured.

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