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Keeping your information safe

Xledger access is role-based. Staff members are assigned standard roles controlling access to application information and features. They can only access the application layer and not the underlying database and other infrastructure components.

Access to Xledger is controlled via a centrally issued user name and password. This gives staff access to just the data they are authorised to access. An automatic time-out will close the active session after a period of inactivity. As the administrator you can revoke a user, or can set a limited access period suitable for temporary or contract staff.

A full audit trail is maintained of all data input to the system, including the user name of the person creating or changing the data and the date and time of any changes.

Please ask for a copy of the full Xledger security fact sheet

Xledger use two separate data centres and IT infrastructures

When delivering business applications via SaaS, the underlying IT infrastructure is all handled by Xledger. You do not need to worry about the maintenance of hardware, or which operating system version supports which database - fhis is all taken care of for you.

Should a disaster occur in one of the centres, then the second datacentre continues delivering your services

Xledger will manage software updates and upgrades for you

At any one time, you can be assured that you will always have the most up to date software.

Backups and data recovery all done for you

The Xledger SaaS solution eradicates the lengthy and laborious process of data backups, initiating automatic backups without your intervention and thus ensuring the integrity and recoverability of your data.

Guaranteed Levels of Service

In order to minimise the risk of loss of access to Xledger, we have multiple internet connections to our servers. This ensures a very high degree of availability of the system – 99% uptime since 2005. The performance of the servers and server processes is monitored continuously by Xledger operations experts and immediate action is taken to clear any bottlenecks or peaks of demand.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

A major obstacle for many businesses attempting to reduce their carbon footprint is affordability. Making the move to the cloud with Xledger, the opposite is true. Reducing waste by matching server capacity with demand (Dynamic provisioning) and sharing of cloud computing facilities (multi-tenancy) significantly reduce energy usage, costs and carbon footprint.

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